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Web Design & development

Website Design is our first passion. At Creative Brand Design we love creating websites that are creative, unique, user friendly, visually stunning, and provide a whole new level of user experience. We offer a diverse range of website design solutions for you & your company, from custom coded in house content management systems to Blog and CMS Solution integration & development.

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Here at Creative Brand Design, we have extensive experience as an SEO agency where we are continually adapting and improving our knowledge and techniques to remain ahead of the competition. Our SEO specialists consider how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms used in search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. All this in order to perform the highly effective offsite and onsite Search Engine Optimisation of your website.

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Creative Brand Design has had the opportunity to work on the development on various types of online commerce systems, from bespoke custom built systems to the integration & development of various ecommerce solutions such as Magneto. We have an in depth knowledge and experience in how Ecommerce Systems function, enabling us to integrate effective SEO into your Ecommerce system to better promote your company and its products.

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Graphic Design

In addition to our online services we offer Graphic Design and print work, allowing us to provide your company with a comprehensive marketing and branding solution. We offer a range of Design work ranging from logos, brochure design and business cards right through to complete brand presentations.

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Email Marketing is something often overlooked as part of a marketing campaign. It can however provide huge marketing benefits to your company. We can provide you with an email marketing campaign that will boost your repeat sales and give you the ability to keep your customers up to date with your promotions and offers.

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Social Media

We all play a part in this thing called Social
Media. Sharing our moments through photos, videos and status updates. Connecting with new friends. Reconnecting with old friends. We use social media on a daily basis, but have you ever considered what social media can do for you and your business? Let us help you take advantage of the powerful world of Social Media.
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Video Creation & Promotion

We all know the marketing power of video. That visual stimulus that has us continually submerged in the world of products and services. It all seems like a distant dream to have a commercial video of your own…right? With the media technology today paired with Social Media outlets such as YouTube, we are able to create and promote unique and custom videos to suit your company.

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We all know you can’t have a website without Hosting. So how make sure you have the right hosting for your business? Our high quality hosting service will ensure your customers enjoy the speed, performance,and security you’re trusting your website to provide. And with our ongoing reliable Support you can have confidence you won’t be left in the dark.

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Does the Heartbleed Affect Me?

| Ecommerce, Hosting, HTML5, Website Design | No Comments

How does this affect you?  I’m sure you’ve all by now heard of the highly publicised Heartbleed bug. It is pretty obvious that this bug is a large threat. To address this issue, I have answered a few of the most popular questions people have regarding the Heartbleed bug. So,…

Screenshot 2014-03-21 10.06.59

SSL: Does my website need it?

| Uncategorized | No Comments

What is SSL? I’m sure you’ve heard about SSL or seen the little green secure padlock in your web browser or https:// rather than http:// in the URL at some point. So what exactly is SSL and what does it do? SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a system that helps…


My Website Won’t Rank on Google

| SEO | No Comments

Our SEO team create a detailed health report on the successes & failure of your websites past SEO & potential unnatural linking. Just fill out the form: We’ve recently come across a few clients who have come to us saying they are unable to get rankings for their website. After…


What is Parallax Website Design?

| Website Design | No Comments

So if you spent a lot of time on the internet recently you’ve probably hit a web page, started scrolling down and the background has moved with you. What is this Witchcraft? Is what your probably thinking, well its a website design technique called the Parallax Effect. So after a…

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