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10/01/2019 – We’ve now updated our cost calculator to offer additional features, accurate pricing, custom functionality & more... Just hit GET STARTED below, and we’ll give you an instant on-line estimate for your website.



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We’ve automatically selected the features that are included as part of our website builds.

Technical onsite optimisation of your website.

Post development CMS training .

Set up of Google analytical and install of tracking code.

Share social updates with ease and gain followers.

A review to ensure GDPR compliance.

Set up of a functional and professional blog as part of Wordpress.

Contact form set up and configuration to sent to your email.

JavaScript technologies to implement parallax, gyroscope and scrolling effects and boost interactivity.

A DV SSL certificate for https - including CSR generation and setup.

Integration of a newsletter provider such as Mailchimp.

Set up of a bespoke blog to work with Magento or Custom Html builds.

Registration of domain name and DNS setup.

A sort-able portfolio to display case studies and portfolio of work.

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All our websites are bespoke designs, not from out of the box themes and are mobile friendly/responsive.

All our websites are mobile friendly/responsive.

Bespoke theme coded in house to 2018 web standards.

Vectored design of the logo, concepts, concept designs, revisions, and fine tuning.

Graphic design of letterheads for print use.

Graphic design of business cards for print use.

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Please choose the CMS you would like your site built on

A website built on wordpress CMS, the most up to date & feature rich CMS available.

A hand built website coded in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript jQuery (for custom projects)

A feature rich eCommerce system based on WordPress CMS

A robust enterprise level eCommerce system for large scale projects.

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Please select the amount of pages your website requires to be populated as part of the build.

Please select amount of pages for copywriting.

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Prioritise your project to delivery it ASAP.

We love dogs!

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Please confirm the options that are related to an ecommerce build.

The amount of products to be populated as part of your eCommerce site build.

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Custom Functionality

If your website requires custom functionality such as a login system, booking system etc. please select it in this stage.

Account login and registration system with a My account functionality.

Accept bookings online and manage availability.

Have users take an online quiz and then show results based on the answers given.

Allow your website users to send messages to each other.

Integration of your CRM system via API.

Display listings with a map lookup system and directory system functionality.

Offer subscription based features and payments through your website.

Offer drop shipping through your store via a API feed to your supplier.

Display your store in multiple languages and manage multi language content.

Offer prices in your eCommerce store in multi-currency.

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Cost Summary


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How much do our websites cost?

Updated for 2019

“it depends” – I’m afraid this is your answer. Without details of a spec, it is very difficult for us to give an exact price. However, the cost estimator on this page is a really good tool for getting an idea without chatting to a website project manager. It runs through a simplified process of what we look at when pricing up a website.

If you’re still in early stages and need a rough idea, here is a rough guide of our website prices with different levels of functionality:

  • Simple custom design (not template) website approx. 5 pages: approx. £1500-2000+vat
  • SME custom website design, more content and project management: approx.  £2000-3500+vat
  • Custom web application (“I want a site that offers web 2.0 bookings like Air BnB”) – from £6750+vat depending on spec.
  • Small Ecommerce website to sell online – approx £2500-5000+vat depending on spec.
  • Enterprise level Ecommerce website – this very much depends on spec I’d say from £5000+vat but if you are considering a multi-language international e-commerce site you can expect quotes in the region of £40k+.

Please Note: These prices are rough estimates and given at time of writing (Jan 2019)

We do offer a free no obligation proposal for all potential website design projects. Just Get in touch, or drop us a call and chat to someone from our friendly team who will be happy to walk you through this.

Can I get a website for free or very cheap?

Yes, head over to Wix or one of the other many website builders out there and you can pick a template and get a very basic website up and running for free or very low cost.

You can also likely find someone abroad (outside the UK) who will build a site for you for maybe a few hundred pounds.

However, you’ll find the websites that you’ll get from these sources will be of a very low quality. These types of websites or services are not what we offer. The websites we deliver cost more as they are bespoke, project managed, developed, and coded to a very high standard. They also undergo Q&A and are SEO optimised.

These are the questions you should ask yourself if you’re looking for a cheap website:

  • Will I actually own the website & its code or am I just renting the use of it?
  • Will someone design this with my business model in mind, or just drop an ill-fitting template in place?
  • Will it work well on mobile devices?
  • Will it be secure?
  • Will it rank well on search engines?
  • Will my clients be able to tell it’s a budget website?
  • Will I get what I pay for?

What other costs are there?

Website hosting – once your website is built, it needs somewhere to be hosted. This is what allows your website to appear live on the internet.

Our managed website hosting starts at £10+vat per month.

Email Hosting – most of the time you’re going to need an email address. Not a Gmail, but something like

Our exchange email hosting starts at £10+vat per month.

Domain registration – you will need a domain name for your website. This comes with an annual fee of approx. £7-20 a year.

SSL certificates – With the increased need for security online, we now offer an ssl certificate as part of all our website builds. This is optional unless you’re an ecommerce site, however an ssl certificate does offer security and SEO ranking benefits.

Costing per year is £199+vat.

I want a logo/business cards/signage..can I have them too?

Sure, we also offer graphic design, including:

  • Logo design
  • Business card design
  • Brochure design
  • Letter heads, comp slips
  • Email design

We also offer a range of print services. Please contact us for more details.

Graphic design costs are additional to website design cost.

I can’t afford to pay all at once, what can I do?

Paying the full price upfront can be daunting and may leave you feeling a little insecure about parting with all that money without seeing the end product first.Because of this all our website builds work off a 4 phase process which staggers the payment over 4 phases. This makes the site more affordable and allows you to see your website progress before making full payment:

Phase 1- Design

This is the design of your website, created from scratch by one of our designers. It is the first stage and only 25% of the overall cost is due in this phase.At the end of phase 1, we will deliver: design of the site and all subsequent pages in PDF format to be signed off for development phase.

Phase 2- Development

This is the stage in which the site is developed and coded into a fully functioning website on our staging server behind a password. During this stage only dummy content or limited content is used to demonstrate design, operation, and functionality. A second 25% is due in this stage.

Phase 3 – Content and Tweaks.

This is the stage in which we populate the site with the agreed content (within the scope of the requirements given in this proposal).For Ecommerce projects, we will also populate products, shipping set up, and payment functionality within this phase.In the case of a website re-design, where applicable, we can source content from the previous site.

Phase 4 – Testing and launch

In this stage, we perform website interoperability and mobile testing (and in the cases where SEO optimisation is required, SEO optimisation will be performed alongside testing).

The final 50% is due at the end of phase 4 and the project is signed off to go live.

If our 4 phase payment plan still looks a little daunting, we do also offer monthly payment solutions. Please get in touch to discuss more.


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