In all of Google’s many changes to what constitutes good SEO, one factor reigns supreme: Content.

It’s been made abundantly clear to us SEO experts that optimising for user experience is central to how Google rates your website. Keyword-optimised copy, as well as visual collateral, videography and a decent site structure, is all to be found at the heart of a good website.

Here at Creative Brand Design, we are intensely proud of our expert Content Management team. Educated to Masters degree level in Creative Writing, and with several years’ experience in SEO, you could scarcely ask for better minds behind your business’s content strategy.

Along with on-site content comes the necessity for a company blog. Whilst you may not feel like you always have news to share, Google has emphasised the value of regularly updated, engaging content. A good blog draws in traffic, and potential new customers. When combined with a well-managed social media strategy, an on-site blog strengthens your site’s social signals, thus boosting its authority from an SEO perspective.

Our Content Management team simply live for the opportunity to write good blog posts for your business. We know what subjects are likely to garner the most interest, and we know how to make our blog posts pleasing to both Google and real readers in one fell swoop. Whatever your business may be, we are confident that our team has what it takes to bring in visitors and boost your SERPs.

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