I’m just going to put this graph here as it is a great representation of what to expect from the results of a organic SEO campaign.

Unfortunately organic SEO is not a form of marketing in which you see gradual iterative improvements. It takes a lot of hard work, whilst not necessarily seeing any return in the short term.

However the long terms benefits are there, and they are substantial. SEO is about playing the long game.

This makes organic SEO a difficult one to sell.

“we’ve been doing SEO for 2 months now, why aren’t we no.1 on Google??”- is a question I’ve been asked many times.

As a business owner, I can understand this. “I’ve spent X, its been Y amount of time, why can’t i see Z yet?”. Personally, i feel this graph sums up what to expect from an organic SEO campaign.

There are other alternatives that offer almost immediate search engine traffic, such as AdWords, but once your budget is used up, (unless you’ve closed a substantial lead), there is very little to show for it.

My advice? Stick with it, keep motivated, and stay educated.