Bold, innovative, unique…find out how to have a custom video made for your business.


Videos Produce Results

Videos provide a more interactive medium for consumers to engage with.

If you are engaging consumers, you are more likely to see click-through. This means increased traffic to your website.

Not to mention how beneficial a video can be to your SEO campaign.


It’s Cost Effective

Technology has come a long way. The technology of today means that you no longer need to invest large amounts for access to filming equipment and special effects.

In using cutting-edge technology, we are able to create state of the art, visually stunning, unique videos personal to your business and products. Most importantly, we are able to do all this whilst working within a strict budget.


Multi Channel Marketing

Video Marketing seamlessly ties into all other aspects of your marketing campaign. We can integrate a custom video into all your marketing channels, from Facebook to Email marketing. This Keeps your strategy varied and increases the success of your business’s online presence.
As well as having benefits such as: conversion rates, customer-sign ups, improved sales, more leads, better click through rates, etc., video can simply just help bring your business up to date with modern trends.


The Effect of Video on SEO

Video Marketing can have a hugely beneficial effect on your SEO success as videos provide opportunity for the creation of a large number of relevant back links.

Studies by groups such as AimClear and Forrester have shown that a good video marketing strategy can increase your company’s chances of appearing on the first page of Google results by as much 53 times, and give you up to a 41% higher click-through rate over your plain text competitors.

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