CP Packaging

CP Packaging specialise in unique packaging solutions. They provide a range of services including custom packaging design, manufacturing, and printing. With their expertise, they help businesses create creative and functional packaging solutions that enhance product visibility and protect items during transit.

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The CP Packaging team reached out to us directly, in order to design and develop a playful, interactive and eye-catching website to effectively portray their franchise.


Bespoke Design

CP Packaging's website showcases a unique and personalised design that reflects their expertise in crafting distinct packaging solutions, but also maintains brand consistency, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.



CP Packaging's website is meticulously developed to meet their specific requirements, incorporating customised features, interactivity, and functionality whilst being easy for their team to update.


Onsite SEO

CP Packaging's website is optimised using strategic onsite SEO techniques, ensuring high search engine visibility, increased organic traffic, and improved rankings, making it a valuable online resource for packaging-related services.

Bespoke Branded Food Packaging

Interactive Visuals

We built the site with interactive visuals which increase user engagement, convey information effectively, and enhance overall user experience.

Brand Consistent Design

The site was designed with brand consistency establishing a cohesive and recognisable brand identity, fostering trust, and enhancing brand perception.

Instagram Feed

A live Instagram feed was embedded, benefitting the site by showcasing dynamic and visually appealing content, increasing engagement and social proof.

Ongoing SEO

We carried out ongoing SEO improving search engine visibility, driving organic traffic, and increasing the website's online presence.



In the discovery phase for CP Packaging, thorough research was conducted to understand their packaging services, target audience, design and branding requirements.



During the design phase, a bespoke and visually appealing layout was crafted, incorporating brand elements and showcasing packaging expertise.



In the development phase, the design was transformed into a functional website, integrating custom features, interactive elements, and seamless user experience into the WordPress CMS.

Smooth Animations

The website design for CP Packaging showcases smooth animations and interactive effects that captivate visitors and enhance their user experience. As users navigate through the site, they are greeted with subtle yet visually appealing animations that bring the content to life. From the seamless transitions between sections to the engaging hover effects on images and buttons, every interaction is carefully designed to create a sense of fluidity and interactivity.

These animations not only add an element of engagement but also serve a functional purpose by guiding users' attention and improving usability. Overall, the smooth animations and interactive effects elevate the website design, making it engaging and memorable for visitors exploring the world of packaging solutions.

The Result

The recently launched CP Packaging website has garnered positive feedback from both the CP Packaging team and their users. The CP Packaging team are thrilled with how striking and interactive the site is, and have seen a significant increase in engagement since launch.

The site is also managed by CBD, allowing us to deliver a secure & optimised hosting experience via Cloudflare.

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