The most successful advertisement campaigns reach the right variety of customers across a wide network of potential consumers.


According of a comScore report, ‘87.6 percent of all global Internet users and 94 percent of all Internet users in the United States’ make up a ‘significant reach’ extending to many advertisers—thanks to Google.


Google, in fact, offers many advertisers like yourself with an opportunity to have your business, products and services seen by the right customers at what seems like the right time.


It’s all thanks to remarketing.


Google Remarketing


Google Remarketing allows webmasters to ‘show ads to users who’ve previously visited their website, right as they browse the web.’ When using Remarketing, webmasters can tag website pages that correspond to certain advertisement categories they wish to promote.


This system works in conjunction with AdWords, since it allows webmasters to pair AdWords campaigns with remarketing. This helps the remarketing portion of the campaign show relevant ads to users browsing Google’s Display Network.


Remarketing offers webmasters a chance to stay in touch with their target audience. By presenting them with ‘highly relevant’ advertisements and offers, they gain a better chance to convert those same users to sales—offering them a higher return on investment as a result.


You can even gain higher conversions through using other SEO-centric targeting methods like targeted interest categories, demographics and keyword campaigns that correspond with the remarketing campaign in place.


Why choose us to help with your SEO Remarketing


Remarketing simply affords webmasters like yourself a chance to re-engage with potential customers across your network. Why? You can now reach those ‘indecisive’ potential customers who view your relevant ads that may display across the Google Display Network.


When it comes to converting indecisive customers, remarketing can be a great way to eventually convert them to sales. Remarketing simply offers them a chance to see ads that relate to their experience on your website.


Let us show you how Google Remarketing is now an effective way to ‘win’ back targeted consumers on the web. Contact Creative Brand Design today for more information regarding SEO Remarketing.