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of visitors to a website will leave if it takes more than 3 seconds to load



of website users say that a non-mobile friendly site is an indication that the website’s owner/business probably don’t care enough



of businesses with mobile specific websites reported increased sales



of people surveyed agree that a good user experience just makes sense



more traffic will visit websites with updated blogs. Do you have one?

Why ReDesign?



The web is an ever evolving and changing world where staying on top of the changes in consumer behaviour in imperative for running a successful website. Up-to-date content and technologies are important to give web-savvy web users the experience they’re looking for.

Become Mobile Responsive

In a world where an ever growing percentage of people are using a smart mobile device, it has become extremely important to provide that entire demographic with the online experience they have grown to expect when visiting a website from their device. Make sure your website reaches the entirety of your target market.

Improve Usability

The majority of visitors to your website will leave if they are unable to find what they’re looking for easily and quickly. If you have a high bounce rate, this is a very good indication you need a website redesign.

Add Functionality

You might feel your website is lacking a lot of what your customers are seeking. Do you have a blog page? FAQ section? Make sure everything flows well throughout your website to keep its users happy and using.


Have you recently undergone a business rebranding? You’re certainly likely to need to do a complete website re-design to work alongside this rebranding. Updated content, logos and colours.

Search Engine Optimised

If your website isn’t currently set up completely to be optimised for Search Engine Optimisation, a website redesign would be the perfect opportunity to get the best of both worlds in one go. Google now takes into account the design of websites when its calculating the rankings. A well designed, mobile responsive and optimised website will come in a head above the rest when your customers are searching for your business online.

A Fresh Start



In today’s world, an ever growing population of consumers are taking to the internet to find the products or services they need. Having an up-to-date website will gain you a large amount of credibility with your customers. The more professional your website looks, the more credibility your business will gain over your competitors.

Keep your customers up-to-date

Keep your customers all informed through your website by keeping your hours of business, online brochures, sales, or product catalogues posted. Your website will be the most effective way for your customers to find out about your products or services.

It stays open 24/7

Whether you’re catering your website towards regular or potential customers, providing them with the 24/7/365 convenience of having access to the information they need about you is an indispensable tactic.

Target a wider market

Your website will potentially serve as one of your primary means of advertising & sales. It will offer you the possibility of marketing yourself to a vastly larger market potential…even globally!

Showcase your work

Your website will be the perfect medium in which to showcase your hard work to potential customers and the world. A visible portfolio will help your customers see why they should choose you over the competition.

Improve customer service

By utilising your website to share tips or advice with your customers, or by creating a FAQ or articles page, your current and potential customers will have 24/7 access to majority of the information they might be seeking. Not to mention the time you will save not having to answer that pesky phone!

Effective Design

At Creative Brand Design we have a team of website developers, designers, SEO copywriters and SEO specialists to ensure that your online venture is successful, no matter how big or small.

Website design is one of our main passions and we strive ourselves on creating websites that have excellent visual appeal, effective navigation, are fully SEO optimised and fulfil all the needs of our clients and their customers.

What do you get?




With every website we design, we include a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS), eg. WordPress CMS. WordPress is the CMS of our choice because of its incredible functionality all while staying secure, updated and remaining ridiculously easy to use. Add pages, create updates, change content, all quickly, easily and regularly.


Mobile Version

Mobile Version

In a world where internet users are increasingly flocking to their mobile devices to browse the web, we design all our websites with this fact in mind. We create them with full mobile responsive functionality, because no one wishes to isolate such a large demographic of potential customers.

Mobile users on your website will experience the same functionality and capabilities as the desktop users, ensure you are keeping all your users happy.




We’ve all heard of SEO and how important it is when it comes to online success. Being an SEO agency in conjunction with website design, we completely understand the full implications a poorly optimised site can have on a business’s success. This is why we put Search Engine Optimisation at the forefront of our minds while implementing the design of every website. We optimise it straight from the core to ensure you set off with the best possible head start.

SEO is such an integral part of almost any successful online marketing strategy. Making sure you choose a website design company that will implement the design factors that you need is essential in making sure you don’t end up paying again down the road. We complete your keyword research for you and build your website upon the base of a successful campaign: search engine friendly URLs, website structures, content and architecture… everything you need to spark the beginning of your success.




Having a team with a lot of graphic design experience, we are able to approach your project from an excellent angle of design. With our team having excellent technical skills as well, we are able to implement the crisp and fresh design while utilising cutting edge technology, techniques and skills to achieve the perfect final product for you. We are always on top of current trends and features to ensure your website will be at least one step ahead of your competition.




While have functionality isn’t quite necessarily a specific requirement of having a website, it is certainly something that we at Creative Brand design like to include. We always try to include the maximum amount of functionality within our design. This will help make your website stand out and keep your customers happy and engaged. We attempt to add interactive effects with every chance we get, aiming to immerse your users in your content as much as humanly possible.




We design our websites in a manner that makes it extremely easy for you to add and manage your website pages through the Content Management System. We will build the initial pages for you through the Content Management System we install/build for you, and then we will show you how to use it. You’ll become a master of updating your blog and adding new content to your pages. Your news or blog page will have a load of features for you to use, including social media integration, simple media management and content addition. We’ll set you up to add Search Engine Optimised articles with RSS feeds… On request, we can even give you the ability to manage/add content while you’re on the go with your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone.




If you require a portfolio to showcase your work online for all your customers to see, we can do that for you. You could showcase samples of your work, your projects or even your happy clients. All of this will be worked right into the Content Management System we have implemented for you, making it dead simple to use whether you’re a computer genius or new to the game. Check out our portfolio for an example implementation of this feature. You can even set up a really neat little filtering system to help your customers find the samples they want to see.




Not happy with your logo? We can redesign one for you, modernise it, adjust it or simply even add a little eye catching glimmer to it to help catch that elusive customer. Over the course of the website redesign, we can throw together a few drafts for you to pick and choose from. Our graphic artists will create something from simple and uncomplicated to ornate and extensive, whichever suits your specific taste.




Are you looking to spruce up or start your online shop? We offer a wide range of perfect solutions to ensure you have the best possible chance of success. We will adapt and mould these possible solutions into your online store, making sure your ecommerce system coincides harmoniously with your business model.

We are even able to implement this ecommerce system directly into the Content Management System (WordPress) to give you full access to the simplicity of managing your online store from the touch on a button…did we mention you can do all of this with ease?


Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Every good website should have the social media aspect built directly into the core of the website. This will enable you to give you customers the chance to share, like and comment on posts, products and pages of your webpage, building your reputation and gaining your sought after social following.

Not only will integration successfully generate some on-going interest for your website, but it is also now considered by the search engines when they calculate the ranking given to your website. It’s all about the SEO.




The inclusion of a blog/news page into a website has become one of the single most important aspects of building an online presence. It is an extremely important consideration when it comes to running an effective search engine optimisation campaign, not to mention its importance in keeping your customers up-to-date with your business and building their interest.

Whether you want a fully bespoke blog, or something straight out of the box, we are able to build that for you. Customising your blog to integrate perfectly with your website, brand and design so it will exactly fit your needs, we will also build it into the content management system so you can edit, add and manage your posts easily and from anywhere.




As an important part of every project we undertake at Creative Brand Design, we feel it is necessary to build a strong relationship with our clients. We make a point of always being available when you have questions or issues, even long after the project has completed. You will receive the support a small and local friendly business can provide, with the technical know-how and ability of a large company. We ensure your website is fully secure and we have satisfied every aspect of your requirement and you are left with a finished and functioning project to make you happy you chose Creative Brand Design.

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